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          About us

          Focus on developing and producing LCD products

          Focus on developing and producing LCD products

          Shenzhen DaDi Jinmao Industrial Co., Ltd.,which was founded in 2003, is a high-tech enterprise which focuses on the development and production of LCD products.The company owns a group of professional technicians, management talents, advanced equipments, strict quality standards. Our products are all passed high-low temperature test, tensile test, vibration test, chromatography tests, anti-interference function and other tests, and strictly implemented of ISO9001-2008.Therefore we can provide our customer with high quality products and warmhearted service. From the fact that the addition of our Export sales and the enlarging of the production scale, we can see that our technology has reached the international standard. Our 2500-square plant which with 1500-square dust-free workshop, located...

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          Used in advertising machine display, household appliances, etc.

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